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Sábado, 7 mayo 2016

20:45h - 23:15h


Las Cuevas del Sorte - Carrer d'en Gignàs, 2, 08002 Barcelona, Barcelona, España ver mapa

Punto de encuentro

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5,00 €


Información de la actividad

We are very happy to have two special guests with us this week, joining some of Underground's local favourites. All for JUST 5 EUROS!
Mino van Nassau brings you Stand up comedy with a Indian flavor. Mino Nassau is an actor, stand up comedian and presenter.
HE is well known as "The Indian Comedian" and has worked for corporate events, TV recordings and stand up comedy shows.
Not only his surname, but also many of Mino's jokes, are related to his Dutch wife! These combine with his Indian culture and mother to create an hilarious comedy cocktail!

Filippo S Fico is a stormy Italian.
He could have been a professor of Südtirol folklore, a professional jacuzzi cleaner, or a temporary consort, maybe not in that order, or the other way round.
Suddenly, his life developed despite life's very own constraints. While singing at a wedding, dressed as Dustin Hoffmann, an old woman cried for other reasons. This experience brought him to compile this 80% true bio under the disguise of a stand-up comedian.

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A chance for you to see the best English language comedians in Barcelona and two profesional comedians visiting from abroad!! If you are not a native English speaker this is a unoque wat to practice your English in a great atmosphere and meet people who want to do the same!

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Entry to the show.

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Chris Groves
Chris Groves 4/5/2016 22:50
Hi, My name is Chris and I run Underground Comedy Barcelona. I look forward to seeing you at the show - it's going to be a lot of fun!!