Help with Online Reservation for Participants

If an activity requieres online registration it will say so in the description.

What is online reservation?

Online reservation is a way of paying the attendance fee in advance. It is a definite reservation of the activity. For the organizer of an activity it's also useful as it helps to confirm attendance.

We have created this new feature, because many activity organizers have asked us to implement a way to guarantee the attendance of all participants who are signed up for their activities.

By using online reservation every participant pays the attendance fee in advance. This guarantees that everybody will really attend the activity and that it will become a great success.

How does online reservation work?

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Is payment via online reservation 100% secure?

Yes, online reservation is 100% secure. All transactions are encrypted to guarantee secure transmission of the information.

How do I know if my online reservation was successful?

After making an online reservation we will automatically send you a confirmation e-mail with the corresponding details to the e-mail address you have used for your registration on Uolala. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, try to check your spam folder or contact us by using our Customer service

Is it necessary to print the confirmation e-mail of my reservation?

It is always recommended to bring along the printed document of the reservation, although most organizers will only ask you for the reference code.

The reference code is unique for every participant. You can find it in the confirmation e-mail or on the page of the activity on Uolala.

How can I make a reservation for more than one person?

At Uolala a user can only make a reservation for himself or herself. If you want to bring along other people they have to sign up for Uolala and make the reservation by clicking "Join!".

Is it possible to cancel a reservation after the payment?

Once online reservation has been confirmed the participant cannot have his/her attendance fee refunded. Except in the case that the organizer cancels the activity (due to bad weather, illness, etc.). In this case all participants get their attendance fee refunded.

If you cannot attend you can always transfer your reservation to another person, please be kind enough to inform the organizer about these changes.

Will I receive my money back, if the organizer cancels the activity?

The attendance fee refund in the case of cancelation by the organizer is done by Uolala within 7 days after the day the activity was supposed to happen.

The activity that took place wasn't like the description said, what can I do?

If you think you can resolve the issue, we suggest that you get in touch with the organizer directly. You will find his/her contact details in the description of the activity.

Otherwise, within 3 days after acitvity takes place, you can report any issues to us regarding the incident using our e-mail address . We attend to every issue individually.

Any more questions?

For any inquiries you may have, please contact us using the contact form . We will respond as quickly as possible.