Help with Online Reservation for Organizers

If online reservation is available in your country it will appear automatically during activity creation process. If not, online reservation is not yet available for you.

What is online reservation?

Online reservation is a way of paying the attendance fee in advance. It is a definite reservation of the activity. For the organizer of an activity it's also useful as it helps to confirm attendance.

We have created this new feature, because many activity organizers have asked us to implement a way to guarantee the attendance of all participants who are signed up for their activities.

By using online reservation every participant pays the attendance fee in advance. This guarantees that everybody will really attend the activity and that it will become a great success.

How does online reservation work?

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Is payment via online reservation 100% secure?

Yes, online reservation is 100% secure. All transactions are encrypted to guarantee secure transmission of the information.

Official prices of Uolala online booking

Case A) Your activity is free of charge: FREE
If you don't want money, neither do we.

Case B) You are not a professional, the activity you want to create is paid for, but you don't want to activate online reservation: FREE
Uolala will not charge anything if your activity is paid for and you don't want the participants to pay the attendance fee in advance (because you do not need a binding reservation from the participants).

Case C) If your activity has a price and you have activated the online payment: 15% + 0,20£
We apply a fee of 15% (taxes not included)* of the final price of the activity + 0,20£ fixed (taxes not included)* per participant, with a minimum of 0,83£ (taxes not included)*.
If you activate our online payment platform, participants will pay in advance the price of the activity in order to be able to join it and, between 3-5 days after the activity date, we will pay you the total collected money via a bank transfer, deducting our costs. By using our online payment platform you can ensure payments and assistance to your activity avoiding any suprises the day of the activity.
This price list will be applied compulsorily to organizers who publish activities with profit-making for them.

(*) Uolala applies in its price list an 21% of I.V.A (tax of Spain, where the fiscal domicile of Uolala is placed) in concept of taxes associated with the economic activity which develops in the platform and in any country where the plan or the activity is realized.

Note: The 22th of May 2014 Uolala changed his fee and the commitment of payment. You can consult these changes in this link

Uolala subscription prices

In some cities, the organizer have to pay an organizer's fee to publish activities. In this case, during the process of the online publication of the activities, the organizer will be informed about the prices applicable to his case.

How do I know if all participants of my activity have paid?

On the page of your activity only the users who have successfully done online reservation will appear as participants. Each of them have automatically received a reference code (e.g. 34FDB6) which has to be presented to you on the day of the activity to confirm the correct online reservation.

You can always see how many users are attending your activity and what their reference codes are by using the control panel at the top of the page of the activity.

How can I check on the day of the activity if every participant has reserved and paid correctly?

As an organizer of activities you will be able to review the list of participants who have successfully done online reservation and their respective reference codes using the control panel at the top of the page of the activity.
The reference codes are unique for every user and they serve as tickets on the day of the activity to confirm online reservation and the payment.

We suggest that you print out the list of the participants and the reference codes. This way you can easily confirm the correct reservation on the day of the activity.

How long does it take to receive my money after the activity has finished?

5 days after the activity has ended Uolala transfers the corresponding amount into the bank account of the organizer.

The bank account which is used to receive the participant's payment has to be located in the same country where the activity was held. To prevent fraud this payment will never happen before the activity has begun.

Where do I give my account details to receive payments?

You can edit your bank details using the following steps:
Click on your user name (top right) -> Edit profile -> Bank details

If I am obliged to cancel my activity, who will take care of refunding the money?

If you have to cancel an activity you can do this by using the control panel at the top of the description page of the activity. Here you can click on "cancel activity".

Once you've canceled the activity an e-mail will be sent to the participants and Uolala will refund their money automatically. You don't have to do anything else.

Remember that activities can only be canceled before its effective date. After that, activities cannot be canceled on Uolala. For cancellations after the effective date the organizer himself/herself is responsible to refund the money of the participants.

What can I do if a participant reclaims his/her attendance fee after an activity took place successfully?

Once the activity has taken place and Uolala has made the bank transfer into the organizers account, the organizer himself / herself is responsible for any type of refunding.

Any more questions?

For any inquiries you may have, please contact us using the contact form . We will respond as quickly as possible.