General help about Uolala

What is Uolala?

Uolala is a new way to get to know people or share your favorite activities and experiences. The idea comes from the desire to take part in different leisure activities like cultural activities, concerts, sports or any other activity which might not be interesting to your friends.

Thanks to Uolala you can now suggest and join the activities you like most and get to know people who want to join. Our vision is to be a place where people from all over the world can come together to meet new friends and share their experiences.

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How does Uolala work?

In Uolala every user can suggest activities or find activities to join.

If you like an activity you can join it, attend it, get to know the other participants and live the Uolala Experience.

How do I join activities?

You can join an activity by clicking on the button "Join" next to it. This confirms that you're taking part. If you have any questions regarding the activity we recommend you to contact the organizer directly.

On the day of the activity you go out, meet the other participants and have fun. That's it!

How will I recognize the other participants on the day of the activity?

Above all it is important that you arrive on time at the meeting point indicated by the organizer of the activity. All participants will meet at the same place and time.

You will be able to recognize the other participants from their profile pictures. Also, the organizer of the activity will try to bring everyone together and introduce each other.

We suggest that you introduce yourself to the other participants using the wall of the activity. It's also recommended to give your telephone number to the organizer in case of any unexpected last minute changes.

Who is the organizer of the activity?

The organizer of the activity (professional or not) is the person who has created the activity and is responsible for the participants to get introduced.

If you have any questions about the activity, we suggest that you contact the organizer first. He or she will be happy to answer any questions.

It's my first time on Uolala and I'm not sure about attending

It's totally normal to be a bit nervous about attending your first activity. If you like a specific activity, we suggest you give it a try! Everybody on Uolala is excited about doing activities, having a great time and sharing their hobbies with each other. At each activity there is always someone who is participating in Uolala for the first time. Just wait, once you've tried it you'll want to do it again!

Also, you can introduce yourself on the wall of the activity or send a direct message to the other participants if you have questions.

At Uolala we guarantee that you will never have to stay at home again!

Can I attend an activitiy on my own?

Many of our users attend activities on their own. At Uolala everyone is invited to take part, alone or with others.

How do I delete my account or receive less notifications?

You can delete your account or deactivate e-mail notifications in your configuration menu:
Click on your user name (at the top right) -> Edit profile -> Configuration

Any more questions?

You can always contact us using our contact form . We will respond as quickly as possible.