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Sábado, 11 junio 2016

17:00h - 21:00h


Centro de Desarrollo Personal - Carrer de la Diputació, 346, 08013 Barcelona, Barcelona, España ver mapa

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Yasmin Demirhan

Yasmin Demirhan

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Do you feel that you put yourself down in front of certain people, or depending on the situation that you find yourself in?
Do you see other people -not more intelligent than yourself- achieving grand objectives?
Do you convince yourself that this way of life is the only one out there for you?

Limiting beliefs
You compare yourself with other people that have had success in different aspects of life (money, work, partner...) and realize that you haven't accomplished your dreams. You put them on a pedestal and feel small in comparison.
You often use expressions like ”It is what it is”, ”Such is life”, and end up accepting your current situation.

You don't dream big anymore, you don't feel passionate about many things as you would have felt before.
The excuses intensify more and more for not having achieved or sometimes not even pursued your dreams.
You feel that you lead a mediocre life, that you lack self-esteem and determination.

You remain in your comfort zone, nourishing and reinforcing your “walls”, convincing yourself that you need to keep your job, be grateful for it, and definitely not forget about the financial crisis.

Your limiting beliefs detract from your SELF-CONFIDENCE.

You'll be surprised to know that you already have all the necessary resources to build the life that you want to live.
The evidence is that other people coming from the same place or a more disadvantaged starting point than yourself, are already doing it.

The truth is that:

− You need Self-confidence to get out of your comfort zone
− You need Self-confidence to allow yourself to expand.
− You need Self-confidence to redefine and design the life that you want to live.

Ignite your self-confidence through your empowering beliefs.

The goal of this workshop
I would like you to think for a moment in which part of your life you feel too comfortable?
And where you know on a profound level that you should change something...
In which part of your life are you not allowing yourself to grow?

In this workshop I'll help you detect and inspect your limiting beliefs; I'll help you turn some of your limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs; I'll help you discover, recognize and use the most powerful resources that you already possess to bring to life your dreams and objectives.

This workshop is not really about changing yourself, but being yourself. Allow your resources to manifest! Live passionately!

Workshop led by: Yasmin Demirhan

NLP Trainer and High Efficiency Sports Coach with the Co-Creator of NLP -Dr. Richard Bandler. Personal and Executive Coach with the line of Anthony Robbins. She works with Xavier Pirla -the only Trainer of NLP in Spain who works directly with Dr. Richard Bandler. Yasmin Demirhan has trained with the best experts of Coaching and NLP worldwide.

She offers private individual sessions in Barcelona, and through Skype to people overseas in 4 different languages: Spanish, English, Turkish and Danish.

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¿Qué hace única y especial esta actividad?

This workshop is very well structured in a relaxing environment with a highly prepared trainer. Personal contact with every participant. Experiential learning.

¿Qué incluye el precio de la actividad?

A lot of enriching knowledge of Emotional Intelligence, NLP tools and Coaching for changing limiting beliefs and much more.

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Yasmin Demirhan
Yasmin Demirhan 2/5/2016 11:03
Hello everyone,
To live a healthy relationship, you need it.
To achieve professional success, you need it.
To have a fulfilling, enriching life, you need it.
In every area of your life, you need it; Your self-worth is reflected in the outer world. Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside.
I am really excited to introduce this workshop in uolala.com about Igniting your Self-confidence with love and preparation!
Kindest regards,
Yasmin Demirhan

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Yasmin Demirhan

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