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Software Engineer

Contract type

Salaried Full-time (Monday to Friday)


Uolala Office in Barcelona

Job Description

Are you a programming lover?
Come and help us build a bigger and better Uolala! Uolala is an exciting new social network which allows members to create and attend events in order to meet people who share the same interests.

You’ll be part of a tiny team that will have a huge impact on the world.
Would you like to join this venture?


· General server administration: Configuration, installation, monitoring etc. This is the easy part!

· Integration of the Amazon S3 and Mailchimp/Mandrill API with Uolala.

· Getting involved in every part of our site: Design, development and deploying new features.

· Design and build new tools to manage a rapidly growing number of users and to improve our back office workflows.

· Find bottlenecks and make platform optimizations.

· Use techniques to manage a very large Database. We love speed!

· Develop an API of Uolala.

Minimum requirements

· Fluency in English and Spanish.

· Experience developing ASP.NET applications

· Experience with javascript & AJAX.

· Experience with MySQL Database.

Desired requirements

· Experience developing Iphone, Android or other platforms apps.

· Experience developing APIs.

· Experience developing platforms with a large volume of data & queries.

· Experience in database scalability techniques.

· Experience in server Administration.

· Knowledge of SEO.

· Knowledge of CSS layouts.


To apply please send CV to: jobs@uolala.com