Teach English in your favourite bar in Madrid.

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Join this group if you are an English teacher or willing to become one!

Are you an ESL Teacher, tired of preparing for classes? Are you bored of using textbooks? Are you looking for ways to grow your ESL business?

Are you interested in teaching English all around the world? Oxbridge TEFL gives you the perfect training to become the best English teacher ever. You will be able to work all around the world.

We would like to invite you to a demo of Oxinity, the tool that will save you time in preparation for classes and scheduling students so you can focus on what you do best - teaching!

The online tool is free, so come along for a demo to see how it can make a difference to your classes and save you time. And find out what other opportunities there are to work with us. You will have the opportunity of running your own business as an English teacher in Madrid, and you will be supported by Oxinity any time,

What are the benefits of using Oxinity?

Ready to go materials for:
All levels of English
Grammar, Vocabulary, Fluency / Use of English and Pronunciation activities
Business English activities
Clearly structured, visual and communicative
Constantly updated with new topics

Environmentally friendly - no need for text books or printouts. All of the material is online, accessible for you and your students.
Teach English in your favourite bar in Madrid.

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